Saturday, July 12, 2008

24 Hours of 9 Mile National Championships--The Evolution of a Mindset...

Evolving random thoughts on the 24 hours @ 9 mile...A Man needs a plan, so I am thinking that my goal is to simply achieve 18 laps. To achieve this goal, I will need to approach the project given the following parameters or assumptions: (Note: last year, without a plan, at this race I was credited with 15 laps, but I am pretty sure that I got 16, maybe even 17 laps in; rest assured that itz a long twisted story of personal decline and loathing)--Seasonal weather, standard course conditions, and getting in 17 laps before the clock strikes "10" in the morning on Sunday, August 3rd. Remember one is allowed, under the rules, to keep going for a final lap if he or she gets past the start line before 10:00 am on Sunday and I plan to utilize this rule to my advantage. 18 laps would be a great effort for me and therefore represents my goal for the race, I need to focus solely on achieving this singular goal and therefore forget about how everybody else is doing during the race. Note: I need to get it straight in my head that this is not a regular race where it behooves one to stay with the pack, conversely in this event it seems to me that the best results may well come from riding at one's ultimate, yet precise individual limit. In other words, although my strategy for this key summer event is just in the primarily stages, I am thinking that my best bet is to approach this tough challenge from the perspective that it is a race against the clock, not other racers; that it is essentially an individual time trial (I hate time trials because they are too predictable in that the fastest guy usually wins). This is a hard approach for me to consider as I am predisposed or "hardwired" to thinking about cycling as a challenge between individuals, and of course all of the great variables that arise when one enters into a race composed of irrational and unpredictable humans (thatz why I love the sport, as anything can happen at any point!). Yet, for this unique endurance event due to the tremendous requirements of physical toil and mental angst over a long long period of time, coupled with the composition of a large and top notch field of riders, I really think I will enjoy a better result, if I can somehow forget the others, forget the placing, forget about who is looking strong and who is in the "hurt-tank" and instead focus solely and completely on efficiently racing alone against the clock....Me against The Clock (a great metaphor, but alas we all know the ultimate winner and the ultimate outcome!).

More to come in the next couple weeks, but rest assured that I will arrive at 9 Mile having a well conceived plan-of -action...Of course itz like the old adage sez: "Once the shooting starts, throw out the plans, and run like hell!"
ps Here's hoping Eki Hondo did well in the WEMs 12 Hours today :)

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  1. Nice post Charlie! You and I look at this event pretty much the same way. See you in 3 weeks. Scott