Thursday, October 8, 2009

24 Hours @ Moab

Good luck to all the millionaires as they compete for the United States Cycling Org. endorsed MTB National Championships for 24 Hours...held in Moab, Utah this coming weekend...I'd love to do the 24 Hr National Championships again someday as it is a cool thing to line up next to the best( I assume their people pay the exorbitant expenses), but I fear that the accountants are now in charge of National Cycling Events in this country... (I did it the two times, when it was at 9 Mile @ a tiny fraction of what it now costs). No way would I ever pay that kind of money to do a 24 hour MTB loop race, maybe if it was one of the Alaskan Classics or a stage race up in Canada. The day before and the day after, a guy can ride that same course for $0.00, but on the day of the event, to race @ Moab, it costs something like $350+ entry fee, $60 for the United States Cycling License (it may be more), plus they charge you to camp, etc. etc. etc.,....So it would cost a guy from the Midwest close to $1000 to race in it, may be even more than that!!!! ...NO WAY, NO WAY...even if I could afford it, there is no way. The whole thing reeks of shameless opportunistic greed... In any event, Good luck to Charly Tri, if he can ride at his potential he will be right up there in the top five!!!!


  1. Racing in the U.S.A. is way too expensive. We also have to calculate our travel expenses since our distances are so great.
    I wish more local races would pop up. Ari

  2. More power to the likes of Jeremy Kershaw, and The Heck Of The North type racing. This gravel road racing is a very cool twist on the racing landscape. it's something that was lost on some people through time.
    stepping off.............