Saturday, July 10, 2010

It aint against the law to just think about it!!! At least it didn't use to be? But now w/the Patriot Act and all???

I am still working on writing up a final narrative regarding the last 24 hours of surrealism surrounding my recollections of the Trans-Wisconsin...But for a much better and realistic account (complete w/ pictures) go to Jeremy Kershaw's blog (see above for how to get to his work)...

Also, I am just back from a delightful, but brief backpacking trip on the North Country Trail (NCTS) with off-spring and off-spring's friend. Our Point A to B to A route started in the Pattison State Park and while we were harried unmercifully by the bugs, we still had a great time...Note: Not that I'd ever consider it, but for the rogue cyclist, this immense trail of over 4000 miles long could provide for an amazing off-road adventure. A rebel, amoral, and/or unscrupulous rider could potentially leave the town of Superior, Wisconsin and ride that single-track trail all the way to the Porcupine Mountains in the UP (and beyond...)...Itz just a harmless thought!


  1. Fess up Charlie; you are harboring thoughts of that ride. It'd be perfect for an education major as yourself, having alot of spare time in the summer! Jeremy might have a harder time convincing the hospital tho. JP

  2. I'd be up for quitting the bike shop to just ride the whole thing. I really hate working anymore.