Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Trans Iowa Official Results are posted below...but thatz just the bare facts...

Open Men: 1st: Dennis Grelk @ 28hrs, 40mn,
2nd Tim Ek, @ 29hrs, 44 mn
3rd Troy Krause (same time) @ 29hrs, 44mn,
4th Charlie Farrow @ 29hrs, 56mn,
5th John Gorrilla @ 30hrs, 13mn,
6th Sean Mailen @ 30hrs, 24mn,
7th John Williams
8th Eric Brunt,
9th Adam Boone (same time) @ 32hrs, 13mn,
10th Mike Johnson @ 32hrs, 45mn,
11th Jonathan Weissman @ 33hrs, 11min,
12th Charles Parsons,
13th Jeremy Fry,
14th Joe Mann (same time) @ 33hrs, 25mn,
15th Scott Bigelow @ 33hrs, 44mn.
Open Women: Janna Vavra @ 33hrs, 44mn Open
Singlespeed/Fixed: 1st Aaron Gammell,
2nd Ben Shockey (same time) @ 33hrs 11mn

20 through 80 DNF Or about 23% of the racers finished it...expect a fully embellished race report within a week...

It was an awesome test of one's mettle, but the most fascinating thing for me was my devolution. By the seventeen hour mark I lost my ability to think for myself. By the twenty hour mark, I was completely reduced to a singular molecule devoid of functional capacities other than pedaling the bike forward and consuming caffeine and Ibooze. I no longer ate food or drank water or felt pain. By the twenty-four hour mark, I was no longer an organic entity as I had morphed into a simple virus capable only on pedaling forward...the last five hours do not belong to me so I cannot comment on them....Dear Reader, you think I am kidding, but I am not....


  1. Great job Charlie and I'll bet you were the top finisher that also got the AARP discount on friday night???

  2. Hey Charlie, Congrats on a great finish!

    Bill Shand

  3. I am so glad I was there to see you come in. We had the strecher ready in Dr. Giggles CRV. WE had the vehicle pointing toward the Grinnell Medical Center in case of need. The Slender Fungus wishes you a speedy recovery and hopefully we will meet again on the first day of October.
    Ari, Dr. Giggles, Jay (the pretty boy)

  4. Amazing ride...even for a man half your age!!