Monday, February 18, 2013

Sleep is only a memory to me now...I stare at the ceiling as my mind plays "What if it snows like it did last year?"

The Robert Service poem that I plan to call upon in my memory should things start to go very wrong for me as I navigate the southern aspects of the famed Iditarod Trail...

“When you're lost in the Wild, and you're scared as a child,
And Death looks you bang in the eye,
And you're sore as a boil, it’s according to Hoyle
To cock your revolver and . . . die.
But the Code of a Man says: "Fight all you can,"
And self-dissolution is barred.
In hunger and woe, oh, it’s easy to blow . . .
It’s the hell-served-for-breakfast that’s hard. 

"You're sick of the game!" Well, now that’s a shame.
You're young and you're brave and you're bright.
"You've had a raw deal!" I know — but don't squeal,
Buck up, do your damnedest, and fight.
It’s the plugging away that will win you the day,
So don't be a piker, old pard!
Just draw on your grit, it’s so easy to quit.
It’s the keeping-your chin-up that’s hard. 

It’s easy to cry that you're beaten — and die;
It’s easy to crawfish and crawl;
But to fight and to fight when hope’s out of sight — 
Why that’s the best game of them all!

And though you come out of each gruelling bout,
All broken and battered and scarred,
Just have one more try — it’s dead easy to die,
It’s the keeping-on-living that’s hard.” 
 Robert W. Service


  1. Thinking more of us should read a little R. Service from time to time - and keep that particular poem in mind.

    I am looking forward to following along with your journey, and that of many others I know heading north for this event.

    My thoughts will be with you all for a safe and epic journey.

  2. Good luck Mr. Farrow, enjoy every minute of it.

  3. That is Awesome! Good luck my friend. I will be watching you and Buff!!

  4. Please, please don't get lost. Hang a compass around your neck and stay alert. The slender fungus will be praying for your safe return.

  5. You are in the thick of it now and living life to the fullest! I look forward to hearing the stories!