Saturday, March 31, 2007

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Starting Monday...Build phase: Goal for the week 17 to 18 hours with some Big Gear Climbs on the commute to Esko [Goal 2 commutes to Esko this week--Monday and Tuesday]. Wednesday, on the trainer as Crystal works...On Thursday do some Cruise Intervals [three @ 12 minutes each] while Sophie is at Riding Lessons. Friday, rest, walk at lunch...In Rochester on Saturday, go over to Oxbow and do some Pyramid Intervals starting @ 1 minute up to 4 minutes and back down again...Sunday, long easy ride...get serious about diet!

Friday, March 30, 2007

What a Mess!!! The definition of a Catch-22

March 30th...

I have had a good winter in all facets of my "so called life" including lots of time on the bike [averaging over 13 hours per week since the week of November 20th]and so I am using this week [3/26 to 4/1] to just relax and get fired up...Next Monday begins a new phase, the Build Phase where I will start to get relatively "serious" about the upcoming racing season. I need to focus on eating better, drinking less beer, and specifically targeting my training for the redlining that is required in competitive mountain bike racing. Currently I am about 10 to 15 pounds over where I need to be by mid-May, so I need to commit to a more restrictive diet. This season I want to emphasize several longer distance events like the June 9th & 10th mega-enduro event in Southern Manitoba, the 12 hours @ 9 Mile, and the 100 miler in Hatfield, Wisconsin in August…as well as improve my efforts at some of my favorite venues, like the Cable Classic, The Ore-to-Shore, The PreFat @ Seeley, the WORS race at Eau Claire, and of course the Classic Chequamegan 40.

While I want to do well at the 300 miler in Manitoba, my plan is to not taper leading up to that race. In contrast, I will attempt "peaks" for the Ore-to-Shore or the WEMS 100 miler in Hatfield and the Chequamegan. In the next month or so I will need to choose between the Hatfield event or the Ore-to-Shore as they are scheduled on the same day. Either way it will be a great racing weekend!!!

As stasted above...I am on R&R this week...taking it easy...countin' my blessings...getting fired up...doing some "pretendin'" On Monday,its a new game...A time to stop pretendin' and start working towards contendin'

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Red Assiniboine 300

Sent my registration in yesterday for what promises to be a full-on epic race. Coined the Red Assiniboine 300 the event involves a big 300 mile circle around southern Manitoba on gravel and dirt roads with a little single track thrown in...It is going to be a real test. Also, to add to the plot, I do not want it to disrupt my regular racing schedule, which is already busy in June. I just could not resist the challenge, it looks to be such a Classic, plus I am completely serious about the Iditabike in the next three or four years, so I need to build my experience base with regard to these long distance events...


Musings and updates: The purpose of this blog is twofold; 1.) the hope is that this site will act as another motivating factor in assisting me in achieving success in the upcoming racing season, 2.) I would like to attempt to convey some of my thoughts about racing, various racing venues, and cycling in general.

Some training updates: I officially started my 2006/2007 training regimen after the 2006 Minnesota State Cyclocross Championships [more specifics on the 2006 season highlights in a future post] on November 20th, 2006. Week #1: 11.6 hours- mostly easy riding. Week #2: 12 hours- mostly commutes to Esko. Week #3: 13.6 hours. Week #4: 12hours. Week #5: Big Week with 18.1 hours.Week #6: 17.2 hours including some good cross country skiing. Week #7: 8.75 hours.Week #8: 17.82 hours including a seven hour ride with gear for preparation regarding the Arrowhead.Week #9: 10 hours.Week #10: 4 hours with lots of rest. Week#11: 5 hours with lots of rest.Week #12: The Big Dance-The Arrowhead 135, 40 hours. Week #13: 11.01 hours mostly X-country skiing. Week #14: 18 hours including lots of skiing in the Porkies. Week #15: 10 hours, short bout with the flu. Week #16: 9 hours. Week #17: 8.50. Week #18: 11.5 hours. Starting weight on November 20th: 175…race weight-under 165.

I love Brats & Beer

Which is why I am currently 15 lbs. over my race weight!

Starting Next Monday....

While I have not exactly been dormant, I have not been training as a dedicated athlete. Since the beginning of February, after completion of the Mega-Classic Arrowhead 135, I have continued to train consistently. However, I have not maintained a good diet and thus with the advent of Spring and the season to begin in earnest in about six weeks, I find myself to be at least 10 to 12 pounds over where I should be…

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

April 1st...Itz time to get Serious

Testing testing testing...itz time to start gettin' serious about bike racing!!!