Friday, October 25, 2013

"I am just going outside and may be some time." Captain Oates

Dear Members of the DBD Adventure Society and other persons of high interest:
As you well know, completing the Arrowhead 135 on a bicycle has become a routine, mundane, even boring endeavor enjoyed by both common men and even common women folk.  It has become like climbing Everest, no more than jaunt out in the hill country. So in the interest of hardihood combined with the pursuit of manly deeds, I am inviting you to break from the masses and to engage the Arrowhead 135 in a more sporting fashion.  Therefore I write to encourage you to forgo the tried and conquered mode of two-wheeled transport and to instead take on the Arrowhead Trail either by foot or ski. 
To inspire, I have decided to create the Captain Oates Manhaulers Society (C.O.M.S.).  C.O.M.S. will act as a scaffolding apparatus by which worthy men will be able to share ideas and concerns as we begin preparations for the AH135 challenge.  During the course of our preparations it is my hope that we can develop appropriate dictates by which our men can be expected to conduct themselves during the race.  COMS members and other interested parties will be able to offer suggestions and protocols via Mr. Farrow’s blog ( )
Please indicate with a reply, if you are interested.  If you are NOT interested and instead have your eyes on a new $5000 carbon snowbike, please forever cut any ties with me and know that you are dead to me. Also, If you do not know who Captain Oats is...well there is no need for you to contact us. 
Best regards,
G. Mallory