Thursday, March 29, 2007


Musings and updates: The purpose of this blog is twofold; 1.) the hope is that this site will act as another motivating factor in assisting me in achieving success in the upcoming racing season, 2.) I would like to attempt to convey some of my thoughts about racing, various racing venues, and cycling in general.

Some training updates: I officially started my 2006/2007 training regimen after the 2006 Minnesota State Cyclocross Championships [more specifics on the 2006 season highlights in a future post] on November 20th, 2006. Week #1: 11.6 hours- mostly easy riding. Week #2: 12 hours- mostly commutes to Esko. Week #3: 13.6 hours. Week #4: 12hours. Week #5: Big Week with 18.1 hours.Week #6: 17.2 hours including some good cross country skiing. Week #7: 8.75 hours.Week #8: 17.82 hours including a seven hour ride with gear for preparation regarding the Arrowhead.Week #9: 10 hours.Week #10: 4 hours with lots of rest. Week#11: 5 hours with lots of rest.Week #12: The Big Dance-The Arrowhead 135, 40 hours. Week #13: 11.01 hours mostly X-country skiing. Week #14: 18 hours including lots of skiing in the Porkies. Week #15: 10 hours, short bout with the flu. Week #16: 9 hours. Week #17: 8.50. Week #18: 11.5 hours. Starting weight on November 20th: 175…race weight-under 165.

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