Saturday, March 31, 2007

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Starting Monday...Build phase: Goal for the week 17 to 18 hours with some Big Gear Climbs on the commute to Esko [Goal 2 commutes to Esko this week--Monday and Tuesday]. Wednesday, on the trainer as Crystal works...On Thursday do some Cruise Intervals [three @ 12 minutes each] while Sophie is at Riding Lessons. Friday, rest, walk at lunch...In Rochester on Saturday, go over to Oxbow and do some Pyramid Intervals starting @ 1 minute up to 4 minutes and back down again...Sunday, long easy ride...get serious about diet!


  1. Nice blog Charlie. Looks like I'll see you at a few more races this year.

  2. Thanks Dave...itz been raining for two days straight...I look forward to seeing you at the RACES!!!!

  3. Ore-to Shore,Hatfield 200,and Welch on the same weekend? Do yu have a death wish or something?lol
    I'm just giving you a hard time.I don't know if I'll do Oxbow this year.I don't want to be red-lining it that early in the season.I started the training a bit later this year. FYI I already burnt off all my winter weight.was 158 now I'm 153.Gotta love that.Good luck this year.

  4. Charlie- How did you know I have a birthday on the 2nd... old people rule! Hey nice job at that crazy winter bike race!