Monday, April 2, 2007

The building begins...Monday, April 2nd

The Good News: I got up this morning at 5:15, which was hard for me because I had been getting up about an hour later for the last few months...I staggered downstairs and made a pot of some Alakef Coffee, roasted right here in Duluth...Packed up some clothes, etc., and was out the door on my trusty Kelly around 5:45. It was dark and damp, with a spiteful, yet manageable head-wind. I rode easy until the long hill leading up to Skyline. On the hill I purposefully stayed seated and grinded up using a relatively hard gear. After a bit, it felt good as I achieved a kind of low paced cadence. After the hill, I went back to an easy pace and rode her in at about 7:15 or a 90 minute morning commute.

The Bad News: After showering up in what has to be one of the best showers in the Northland, my toes were cold and it took a while for them to thaw out[which many of you know is not a pleasant sensation],I got dressed for school and then weighed myself on the SMDC scale in the fitness center. I am currently at 177 lbs—ouch! The goal is to be 172 by Oxbow and 167 by Maplelag, and under 165 by June…

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  1. weighed myself this morning-150lbs
    That saturday ride really put a big stress load on us.Then yesterday I nearly did 5hrs.Without carpentry helping the upper body I bet I'm losing some of that too.This week is going to be brutal if I decide to go out.Highs in the low 30's? whats up with that?