Saturday, April 21, 2007

Rest Days are Dangerous

Unexpectedly, the other day I ran into an old friend that I had not seen for a decade or more, we got to talking and catching up on our so-called “lives” and among other topics he asked what I had been up to over the years in terms of sports…I told him that I was still into bike racing, climbing, etc… During the course of the conversation he said to me: “I have known you since before high school and you have always been obsessed with sports. I bet you wouldn’t ride that bike if you couldn’t race it.” Laughing it off, I said something stupid like, “Yeah you’re probably right. But the funny thing is that I have never really been that good at any of the sports in which I have become passionate about.” We moved on to other things and agreed to touch base again in the near future…

Yet, his comment and my response got me to thinking about what it is about bike racing, climbing, or sports in general that I find so compelling. After all none of the sports that I have thrown myself into have brought me fame and fortune. In every phase and facet of my athletic development, I have at best played a supportive role. Perhaps it is because of the simple objectivity of sport. My other passions of which include the raising of a little person and the study of the social sciences, are so nebulous, contrived, and essentially “subjective” that perhaps I seek the concreteness of sports to counteract the complexity of child rearing, and the understanding of history, sociology, political science, and the like…Is it not true that the “self” seeks balance or a state of homeostasis?

Feeding the Rat: Rest day…see what happens when one has too much time…too much time to ponder! :)

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  1. Ok, like dude, last week you were like, talking like a high schooler and like now your like talking way over my head. Oh my gosh.

    I loved your story of the old lady.can I use it for english class? JK