Monday, April 9, 2007

The agony of defeat...

Monday...My wife is working all day and off-spring has no school, and I got laid off for the I have time! Time to contemplate...This morning while I, with expert stealth, covertly stole and instantly gobbled up a bunch of those little pinkish bunny rabbits and amazingly delicious chocolate eggs out of my kid's Easter Basket [while she slept just inches away],I thought about my favorite bike racer, Jan Ulrich and about how he has a weight problem, and yet he always seems to do pretty well...I hope to get another big week in with 16 to 18 hours, plus a race effort on Saturday [the Oxbow Classic]...I will have to ride tonight after about 9:00 pm or so...itz tough getting out the door at that time, but one must be strong and resolute...Itz all about honor, doing the right thing, living a moral life, itz about being principled...better sign off, my kid is waking up!

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