Saturday, April 14, 2007

Not too Bad for an overweight, older fella wearing a pair of lost and found sweats....

I may not have won, or even finished in the top ten, but without question, I had the BEST CHEERING SECTION at Saturday's Oxbow Classic...expect a full race report tomorrow or Monday...Themes I am working on: 1. Itz kinda cool how there is such strength in numbers in road racing...a kind of mutual cooperation develops among the "peleton"...2. It was a blast to get back racing...3. I felt pretty good, but I need to lose some serious weight, and cycling shorts make a difference...4. Where was Dave Pramann? 5. Where was Ski Hut?? 6. I miss Hollywood!!! 7. Roadies are people too... 8. Where was Sam&Eric? 9. They can have their fancy, mortgage-the-farm carbon frames and their hi-tech wheel-sets that cost more than a year at the U of M, I'll stay with my steel Kelly and old XTR hubs and Mavic Open Pros...10. I am glad that I rode the longer race...I needed to burn the cals...[Total time: 50 minute warm-up, plus over 160 minutes on the course--lets call it 220 minutes]

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  1. If the sweatpants are blue, I think they might have been Big Timmy Rahkola's. I can't imagine you fitting into anyone else's.