Wednesday, April 4, 2007

High Tempo ride on Wednesday...

Got a pretty good workout in today after work, at the expense of my wife's bout with the flu. She was suppose to work the dreaded 12 hour night shift this evening, and I was suppose to take off-spring to swimming lessons, feed off-spring, read to off-spring, feed off-spring's gecko, feed family cat and then get off-spring to bed and then feed myself, then and only then try and motivate myself to get an hour on the trainer...but with my wife calling in sick, I seized upon an opportunity...I got the rest of the "nuclear family" settled in and then I took off for a two hour and seventeen minute ride up to Knife River and back via the scenic old highway. I felt great, felt like I had cheated fate, so I warmed up and then pulled off three 12 minute intervals going pretty hard for this early in the build stage...I give myself two stars [or hammerhead sharks] out of a possible five. For future reference--One star is like; "I am starting to feel this dude." Two stars is like; "Dude, even fast dudes would like start to feel like uncomfortable at this pace." Three stars is like; "Wow Dude, that is a fast pace for like such an old dude." Four stars is like; "Dude that is like way fast!" Five stars is like; "Dude like Jeff Hall would be breathing hard at this pace!" Total "banked time" including a 30 minute jog at school comes to 167 minutes...


  1. I think those high schoolers are wearing on you dude.Your either tough getting out or out getting tough,right?

  2. Oh, I like Chris Fishers story about Jeff at a buck hill race.Chris and Ben Portilla were pounding out in the lead with Jeff tagging along.On the big main climb, Chris and Ben were giving their all,bent over struggling for breath.Jeff comes along side Chris and says in a calm collective voice, "Now are we doing 4 laps or 5?" After Chris answers, Jeff stands up in the big ring and floats away effortlessly. His threashold must be like 170bpm and around 350 watts or something.He's an animal on the bike.

  3. No man bike this year. I'm going to try one of those 20"ers. I hear they're going to be the next big I still need to sell the Dos Niner spread the word will you.I know you northerners love big wheels up there. I'm still trying to come up with a bike.I've been working on one lead but I'm getting no answers.I might have to go for plan B.I'll keep you posted when something does come through.
    When your watching the spring classics on tv keep your eye in the crowd I hear H'wood is going to try some gorrila marketing:)Oxbow-I don't know yet I'm thinking about passing on that one.Maplelag- of course I'm going,Jay always puts on a sweet weekend.I want to do a race or two before maplelag so I'll be looking around.