Monday, April 9, 2007

Spring in SE Minnesota...

April 2 to April 8: It was a good week in that I got nearly 15 hours into the metaphorical bank [albeit,two hours less than the stated goal]. It was productive training, even though I went down to Rochester with my little daughter, to partake in the hedonism that plagues our family gatherings on Friday afternoon and did not return to Duluth [and winter] until Sunday evening. Also, while I did not lose any weight per se, I thought hard about losing weight, made specific plans about losing weight, fantazied about losing some serious weight, considered the many wonderful healthy things about losing weight, I even refrained from bullying or beatin' up on or even just making fun of skinny stick-people like tri-geeks and dorky marathoners... Fact is that I probably gained weight,because thinking about losing weight makes a guy really hungry. Plus my mom and dad always put on a great spread, [which this time was capped off by a bottle of 30 year old+ Sakki of uncertain origin...which is a whole different story that involves compromises of integrity which I will not divulge]. Yet in terms of weight loss, I have publically and internally admitted that I have a weight thatz a good thing...A starting point...a reference point...a point from which to gather myself and implement a strategy...a man needs a plan...a plan-of-action. While in Rochester, I did get in a 90 minute ride on the gravel roads that dot the landscape of SE Minnesota. During that ride, which was very windy and cold, I thought about my buddy, Tim Ek, who will in two weeks time embark on the Trans-Iowa race that involves 322 miles on gravel in Iowa. Now that is gonna be a REAL TEST of Tim's manhood!!!!

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