Sunday, April 22, 2007

Buildin' er up and gettin' er done...

With well over three hours today on my trusty U.S. handmade, albeit obsolete Kelly Knobby X, I had a great week with a total at 15.6 Hours and the best part is that this upcoming week is my "recovery" all my riding has to be MELLOW...Itz about three weeks until the season really gets underway. I fear I am going to have to miss the May 12th Maplelag Race [A great course put on by Jay Richards], so my first real race weekend will be the following weekend with The Cable Classic on Saturday and Erik's Spring Classic on Sunday.

to Brent Smith for an outstanding performance over the weekend in the Trail Mix 50K...the old guy took second place!!! That is most impressive...Top Notch...First-Rate...Plus I love it when the old guyz bring it on!!! FYI: The Duluth area turns out some great runners...While I only run from the law, I find their commitment and abilities to be amazing, these guyz train really HARD. In the back of Brent's mind...he must be thinking that if all goes according to plan and he has a great Grand Ma's Marathon here in Duluth in about six weeks or so...He must be at least considering that there is an outside chance that he could make Honorable Mention on My List of Most Impressive Efforts of 2007!!!

Feeding the Rat: The "build" segment of my first Build Phase went as follows: Week #1: 14.7 hours; Week #2: 15.7 hours; Week #3: 15.6 hours...this upcoming week should be under 12 hours all at easy, recovery pace...then itz on to Build II and the early part of the race season...I have got that crazy 300 miler coming up on June 9th up in Winnipeg...the Weight issue continues to be a limiting factor. I have been diagnosed with a ADHD/Bi-polar/Autistic Gland Disorder for which there is NO CURE!

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