Saturday, April 28, 2007

Trans-Iowa III: First 100; then 63; then 43; now only 30!!!

Trans-Iowa III...Dramas of Greek Mythological proportions are being played out on the plains of the Heartland...TONIGHT in Iowa!

Take heed! Be warned.... Dear travelers forgo Iowa tonight for the veil of darkness beckons those in the business of evil deception and devilish deal-making. I fear that tonight on the back roads of Iowa under a “bad moon arising” there is trouble a brewing…Tonight there will be wailing and mashing of teeth in Iowa. Unscrupulous deals will transpire next to the fertile soils of Iowa this evening. There will be a “moon-light” special on temptation tonight on the farm roads of Iowa. Family men will bargain away their children tonight on the hinder-lands of Iowa. Promises of never, ever racing again will be loudly proclaimed by once proud stoic men tonight in the corn fields of Iowa. The marquees will read “Night of the Living Dead” at the drive-ins tonight in the quiet rural hamlets of Iowa. Opportunistic demons will earn wind-fall profits, as it’s a sellers market tonight in Iowa farm country. Werewolves in Iowa tonight only! Rationality, composure, and sensibility will be in short supply tonight in remote Iowa. Ambition is a dangerous thing tonight in Iowa. Ego may spell death tonight in the small towns of Iowa. Tonight, the Id rules the roost in Iowa. Men of integrity will betray each other tonight in farm country near Decorah, Iowa. Brave, principled men will sell their souls tonight in the lands south of Minnesota. Strong men, patriots, humanitarians will turn to tyranny, treason, and even treachery tonight in the corn-belt of Iowa. The Children of the Corn will seek vengeance tonight in Iowa. Death and transformation, fear and loathing, duress and compromise all play major roles tonight in Iowa...Will morning come or has the Trans-Iowa become The RACE OF THE DAMNED??? Itz 10:23 P.M. and there is No Word on Mr. Ek............or is it now Mr. Hyde? As you climb into your cozy bed tonight...think of those on the lonely Iowa road...the road to NOWHERE.......May Providence save Tim Ek's soul!!!!! March of the Folly, in Iowa.....tonight! Lock your doors, hug your children, for there's a "bad moon arisin'" in Iowa!!!

Dining w/ Demons: 155 minutes easy ridin'

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