Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Caution! Wide Load

Cannot seem to drop the weight...I have tried everything, short of light beer, [and I just don't want it that BAD]...I am starting to think that I have some kind of gland problem...I remember reading somewhere about spiteful, even vindictive glands causing weight gain...Maybe it was Dr. Phil or Oprah, in any event, it was a top-notch credible source...I'll bet anything itz a GLAND out of whack....a depressed gland?...or a bi-polar gland?...What would Lance do???? I have got to stay focused...I cannot let my faulty glands destroy my dreams...No Way, I won't let a bunch of malcontent glands wreck my season...I am sure itz a gland thing, no doubt about it!!!!!!! I am off to make an appointment with an anti-gland specialist...more to come.

Feeding the rat: 90 minutes on Monday...and a nice mellow commute into Esko this morning while treated to a magnificent sunrise [took the long way up along Jay Cooke...1 hour and 24 minutes, plus 30 minutes @ lunch time], 90 minute home commute in the p.m.--total time: 204 minutes for Tuesday...legs feel tired.

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  1. Charles my friend, don't worry about weight, it's all relative. Power to weight ratio is more important. If you can't be a skinny 8th grader, develop some awesome power!