Monday, April 23, 2007

Ski Hut's Monday Night Ride

I was able to make tonight's Monday Night Ride sponsored in part by The Ski Hut...We had about 23 riders tonight. The trails are wet and so riding on them does damage,therefore we rode along the Lester River and beyond...If you are reading this post and you own a mountain bike and you live in the area and if you can maintain a maximum heart of 237 bpm for over thirty-seven minutes, if you are a dues paying member of a local union and if you voted for Ralph Nader sometime in your life and if you protested against school segregation in the 1960s and if you were involved in the Tet Offensive in 1968 and if you were in the stadium when Janet Jackson pulled down her...Just kiddin'! The fact of the matter is that anyone and everyone is welcome...back in the hey-day of these rides, some ten to eight years ago, we used to get over sixty people or more routinely on these rides including several of my students from Esko; please consider coming out and participating in these rides. They take place every Monday from now on until October, usually starting at 6:00 PM. They are easy paced, social events that are geared towards recreational mountain biking, once the trails dry out they will be mostly on the area's outstanding single track. Unfortunately over the course of the last five or so years participation has really dropped off which is a sad state of affairs as these get-togethers are really fun and promote this great sport...I can promise easy riding, lots of laughs, insightful conversation, and overall just darn good companionship...

Satisfying the Serpent: 2 hours and 45 minutes of easy spinning [165 minutes]. Note: the Ski Hut ride was a little less than 2 hours.

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  1. So that's where you were on Monday night, closet training. Secret, OOHHH, it's a SECRET! So did Sophie make it to swim lessons?

    BTW, you are an awesome writer! I check this stuff daily cuz it's so funny, keep it up.