Saturday, April 21, 2007


The mainstream media…what can ya say about it other than it has become a reactive clumsy superficial pawn of every opportunistic freak show that can wield a Wal-Mart camera and do something __________[fill in the blank]…NOTE: possible answers may NOT include: "news-worthy"

The fact of the matter is that the shooter sent a "media kit" to a major media conglomerate and they did as he knew that would...Just as Bin Laden knew how the media would react to 9/11...To my way of thinking itz called "playing the fool."

Of course, maybe the more important question is: What to do about the "comfortably numb public" that eats it up? [While the Media Moguls consolidate, outsource, marginalize real news and laugh and tell jokes]

Feeding the Rat: 40 minutes on the trainer on a Friday night…”The life of an aging, overweight amateur bike racer...It aint no good life, but itz my life.” Note: Since going public with my weight problem I have gained one pound. I am thinking of really going for it and try to gain as much weight as possible and still be able to ride a 100 miler…then maybe I can get on T.V.!!!!!!

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