Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Gettin' er done...despite those that would do us harm...click for a disturbing story of a hit & run in the Twin Cities

Even though it was snowing, I started out the door on my bike this morning for the commute to Esko, but I only went a block and turned aound as I was worried that some sleep deprived kid breaking up with his girlfriend on his cell phone in one hand, and drinking a cup of cheap gas station coffee in the other hand would take me out... as it was very slippery and plus the big angry dual exhaust dudes that support the troops were out in force let'em fly...and so on and so on...excuses excuses excuses....But I did get over two hours in after work...mostly hiking the bike up in Hartley...but it was fun and I was amazed at the fact that I could ride my 29er on the deep snow [but only on the fresh unbroken areas...tracks of anykind disallowed riding] !!! [total effort for the day 170 minutes in the bank!!!]


  1. Nice site bikerboy and you are old!
    Didn't you get enough snow biking in early Feb? Gee, our roads are dry down here near Iowa.
    Pace yerself mister cause I want you fresh for the McGrath thing.
    Its a long season but you've done this before hey! See you this spring. Love, Dave Pramann

  2. Dave...What do guyz like us have to wait for??? The time is NOW!!!!!
    I'll rest when they bury my old bones. C