Thursday, April 5, 2007

I simply Cannot Focus when on the trainer???

Maybe itz an issue of growing older, but it is the strangest thing... to be honest, I just cannot focus when I ride that damned trainer. Sure it can be boring and one does sweat profusely...and I know I am suppose to drink alot and I try to stay hydrated by drinking and I try to read interesting books about charismatic people, so as to not dwell on the fact that I am going no where...but every time I get on that bloody contraption...I start to get dizzy, even down-right silly...well I did get 87 minutes banked tonight on that darn trainer, aka torture machine...yet even only about 30 minutes or so into this particular training session, I just could not think clearly, not that I routinely think clearly, but still...Oh well maybe I just need to drink more fluids next time...I know I am suppose to really focus on my fluid intake...Could it be that I am drinking the wrong brand? Perhaps I am focusing too much on the quality of the hops at the expense of the barley malts?...especially now that I am a Master-Veteran-Senior Racer, but I am not sure that I can drink much more...any suggestions???? Should I go with a Porter? Training now adays has become so techy...Next fall, when my wife goes to graduate school and I am left to raise the off-spring, I will be spending even more time on that damned trainer, so I will need to have this hydration dilemma figured out...HELP!


  1. I think you need to lose the cotton socks and shave those legs :)

  2. Thanks Dave!!! Thatz a great idea...normally I do not "put blade to leg" until later in the season, but I will try that later tonight...Do I need to take in lots of fluids when I shave???

  3. Does the counter and washer/dryer break your fall after you had too much to drink.I heard from Andy Kruse it is possible to crash on the trainer.

  4. Ha!
    Hey Charlie, Hansi Johnson here. I just saw your blog. I love it. Way to get after it dude. I just posted a funny shot I found of a trainer on my blog
    Check it.
    Best way to hydrate is PBR. Light like water, but quenching like beer.....