Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hombre Chili Ale from THE BURRITO UNION in Duluth...Top Notch--A#1--First Class--five stars....

Just back from our first visit to a brand new Mexican eatery/bar in Duluth, called THE BURRITO UNION itz right down the street from where we live and only about two blocks from THE SKI HUT...Itz five stars in my book, local guyz, local brews [including a great OATMEAL STOUT-good for your colon!], organic locally grown fare...If ya get a chance, check it out. Their Hombre Chili Beer is about as close to heaven on earth a man like myself can ever realistically hope to achieve. The place is owned by the same guyz that own the Brewhouse, including Rod Raymond. Mr. Raymond is one of the most upbeat, fired-up guyz I have ever met. It looks like this new place is an instant success as there were plenty of folks waiting to get in. The Burrito Union is somekind of nebulous reference to THE SOVIET UNION. Get it, THE BURRITO UNION...plus there are lots of Soviet-style references in the menu and Russian-type icons on the walls, etc...I was not quite able to put it all together but there is certainly some serious thought that went into the development of the Soviet/Russian/Mexican "theme." When I figure it out I will let you know...the Chili Hombre Ale distracted me to some extent! But it may very well have something to do with Lenin's undiagnosed stroke, then coma, then subsequent death coupled with Trotsky's untimely death via a Stalin-sent hitman via an ice axe in a burrito/beer joint in Mexico City?...more to come on this important topic!

Re: Training--After an involuntary rest day on Monday, [da wife had to work late...more sick people in the area than the local hospital's can handle...go figure!],I got a good 3 hours+ in today on the snowmobile trail that follows the Lester River. I felt great and it was fun to ride on the frozen trail. I pushed it a few times on the hills, but mostly I just enjoyed the time out...you know like being with like nature...it was like so awesome, but apparently there is some rougher weather on the way! So it goes...[Total time 3 hours and 21 minutes]


  1. SWhat is an off day? Did you see your offspring's (as you lovingly refer to her) picture in the Sat. Tribune? They were doing a story on all-day kindergarten. I'm thinking of a duathlon for a workout tomorrow. First, I'm goig to military press you over my head a few times and then go for my run.

  2. Good job Brent!!!!! It looks to be windy out, maybe you should consider somekind of ballast!