Sunday, April 29, 2007

VICTORY...Ekimov does it!!!!!!!!!!!

Stand by: As of Monday morning, details are still hard to come by...No word yet from the Victorious One...As mentioned below I am working to get an "exclusive, behind-the-scenes, tell-all, unabridged narrative" from The Northland's Conqueror of Iowa
Tim Ek did it...He finished the Trans-Iowa...9th overall [unofficial], according to Grady Larimer...A work in progress, a story that must be told!...Also, I am working on getting an up close & personal "exclusive interview" with Ekimov...stay tuned...more to come tonight or for sure by Monday evening!!!THIS is HUGE...Ek certainly must know that he is a shoe-in to make the LIST for 2007...He must be overjoyed!!!

Fraternizing w/ Feral Fanatics: 180 minutes, tried to go easy, but it was work with the wind...Recovery weeks week itz time to pay the fiddler...
Total for the week was 14.2 hours, all easy time except on Tuesday when I lost my glasses, more later on this...but I wanted to get the Ek story out!

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