Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Windy & Cold...But Nice, unless your name is Imus (or McCain) :)

I had an uneventful, albeit nice day; took the tax deduction to the library and then up to the UMD Tweed Art Museum...figured a little "culture" couldn't hurt either one of us, while da wife studied and cussed bio-chem...Re: "Feeding the Rat"--got just over 2 hours in on the bike...It was very windy and cold, I rode up Lester River Road and completed two big loops at under aerobic pace [129 minutes]. The plan for the rest of the week is to train right up to the race on Saturday [the Oxbow Race will be a good indication of where I am with regard to speed], but I am not treating it as an "A" or even "B" race, I am just treating it as a hard/fast workout with other guyz, to be honest I am hoping for "full-on" conditions, but thatz just me...

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