Friday, October 12, 2007

So anyway...I see 'em and I figure that they are in LALA land...

So anyway I'm out trying to get a ride in and to maybe get a quick CX practice session in before tomorrow's CX race @ Spirit Mt....I'm riding down on the Lake Walk, heading for Canal Park and onto Park Point, I see 'em and I figure that they are in LA-LA land...He's a solid 400 pounder (he looks surly) and she's gotta be pushin' 300 (she looks depressed)..she's got the little squealer dog (he's loving life) on one of them leases that lets 'em reel the dirty little son of a %$^&@ in...Like I said, I see 'em and like I always do, I approach with the assumption that they got no clue...chances are they don't even know they are in Duluth...Both of 'em are hurtin, ya can tell by the way they are moving...Urban bikers, if they want to live gotta pick up on this kinda thing! With these two; we're talking Mega-Tourons that are up to see the damn leaves, he's got full blown acid-reflux raging in his guts and her sluggish gall badder is aching somethin' awful; they just ate huge mounds of trans-fat at the Pick-Wick. Like a well paid Blackwater mercenary, I sense danger a foot... So I scope out an escape route, if she steps onto the path, if he blows a lougee, or if the foo-foo dog wants to do the Tango with me, I'll be ready... Just as I'm about to pass, she does an impressive blind crossover move right into the bike path, but itz no big thang as I am use to it and I'm ready, so I pull a sweet maneuver involving a hard right onto the grass...but this time where there should be grass, instead there is soft quicksand because of some construction thingy. I hit it at a weird angle and WHAM! I'm over the handlebars!!!! The fat guy and the foo-foo dog both manage slight smiles, while the lady screams bloody murder...I land hard on my left side, but I'm up and back on the bike and outa at least I got a little CX training in before the big race... So it goes


  1. This is the type of story that brings me back day after day...

  2. So, why didn't you just let loose a quick burst from your Blackwater issued 50 cal. across the bow of the 2 land whales as a warning of your impending pass attemp? Works for me every time.