Sunday, September 30, 2007

Back from the Brink...A Better Man!!!!

The 12 HOURS @ Thunderdown near Merrill, Wisconsin was a grand endeavor...At the moment my mild dementia prevents me from giving any details...suffice to write: The better man clearly won and yet I gave it my best finishing second to Rosscoe Fraboni...and overall it was certainly one of the best courses I have ever raced on and it has no peer when it comes to area ultra-distance events courses. The 9 mile course (80+% singletrack) had it all ; great flowing singletrack, tight banked curves, rolling ridges, fast descents, zigzag climbs, challenging was just top notch...Plus it rained hard for nearly half the race. And free libations at the conclusion...Kudos to Kate and her wonderful family for great accommodations...WOW--what a great way to end the mtb season!...Now a few Cyclocross races to bring in the fall and then itz time to begin training in earnest for the "mack-daddy" of them all--The Arrowhead 135!!!
Click here for official results from THE THUNDERDOWN...

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  1. Charlie, you're simply amazing, a self proclaimed amateur that digs it in deep with the hard core enduro racing you've been doing. Glad to see you've not fried yourself into a crispy critter yet! Way to go!