Saturday, September 1, 2007

A Pride of Lions, A Pod of Whales, the Peleton...

A Flock of Seagulls, A Herd of Buffalo, A School of fish, A Gaggle of Geese...So what do you call a bunch of fat guyz on super-loud, obnoxious Motorcycles that get worse gas mileage than my 1999 Chevy Prism with two bikes on the top???

Feeding the Rat: Saturday 200 minutes...hard-core Chequamegon training...I ran into a __"Loaf?"_____of Harley Dudes on Highway 61 and one of them flicked his cig @ me. But, hey, I didn't take it personal, [afterall, I was wearing a red jersey with red shorts, so maybe he thought I was an old school Soviet Marxist or even a Castro-Commie]. Plus he was waving the old stars & stripes, so it was cool!!! I totally understand, he was just doing his part to keep America FREE!!!!!
The following is a description of the grand loop I took today: From my house [near East High School] head down to Superior Street and head out towards Lester River...cross the new four-lane 61 and eventually get on Old 61 [Scenic Drive on Lake Superior] heading towards Knife River and [eventually Two Habors]...after about 25 minutes take a left onto 33 [McQuade Road] and head up crossing the new 61 and up up up a great mid-gear ascent...33 turns into 40 and eventually the pavement ends, stay on 40 which turns into Hegberg Rd. Take a left on 42 and then shortly thereafter take another left on CR231 and then right on CR271, all of which are curvy gravel roads, complete with quaint old farms and hard-core trailer trash communes [some of which look like something out of an old MAD MAX film] and even a few junk-yard dogs that encourage an occaisonal anaerobic sprint...eventually CR271 turns into Fox Farm Road which is something like ten miles of gravel, washboard rollers (great practice for the ChequWhammy) at the end of Fox River Road take a left onto to 44 and then a left onto Jean Duluth Road and rider her in back to town...
Sunday: 3 hours mostly on the road
Monday [Labor Day]: 210 minutes of high paced expansive version of the Fox Farm Road Loop...Sweet, legs felt GREAT


  1. This was a great weekend to hammer, indeed. Fall was in the air at night, but the days were great, Good luck at the FTF. Wish I could be there.

  2. If I'd of seen you on 61 I'd of pulled the bmw into the bike lane and ran you over. feel lucky.