Thursday, September 13, 2007

Anything can happen on Saturday....

The Big Dance commences on Saturday and I am as excited as a little school girl getting all ready for her first prom date!!!!

To the left is a classical depiction of the major, even legendary crash I caused a few years past as the frenzied chaotic peleton crossed Rosie's Field near the start of the Chequamegon. I was feeling good and so I gunned it across the field, but as usual I lost momentary focus and rammed my trusty steed into a strategically placed hole. I hit the hole going wide open and took the customary flight over the handlebars. Landing, luckily on my head, I was unfazed, but the carnage I caused was massive in scale. Good men, tax-payers, patriots, community leaders, talented cyclists by the scores piled up on top of me. The sounds of expensive fancy-pants bikes and carbon wheel-sets breaking was awesome...Needless to say, I was not a popular person at the time, so I left the scene of the crime in a stealthy hurried, rather embarrassed state...One poor unlucky soul in a red cycling kit sustained relatively serious injuries requiring emergency medical personel and was therefore forced to DNF. I cautiously spoke with him after the race in an effort to offer my genuine apologies and yet he held no spite, no bitterness towards this writer. "I should have known better than to have gotten too close to your wheel," was his it goes... Although my riding skills have been compared to that of a drunken sailer...This could be my year!!!!
PS. I left off super fast TJ Woodruff, Ian Sanford, Eric Hareland, and Bjorn Selander all off my list of possible contenders for the win...The facts are that any one of about 20 guyz could do it--Itz a recipe for a great race! Hey if you believe in miracles...don't count me, Dave Pramann, Scott Cole and Jan Rybar out either...stranger things have happened, I just can think of any...Okay, you can count me out :(

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  1. Though I have not been to your site in a long time, your poetic grammar excites brilliance of thoughtfull invention to my faculties. Ah ha! Heated handlebar grips!!! Not that I'm a wuss or anything. Brilliant!
    See you saturday