Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Ekimov Takes 2nd...full race recap to follow!

"It was an epic day to say the least. A re-cap will be drafted, but the highlights are these. I was 3rd to the bike off the run. I jumped on my newly tuned full suspension rig with full intentions on marking and hanging on to series dominator Chris Schotz. The pace through the first lap was just like a 2 hour race, complete with young kids in "Stars and Stripes" jerseys yard saling it in front of me, etc. I completed laps 1 and 2 in 1st position over the entire field, including all team (4 person and duos) only to start encountering bike problems. By the way, man Ross, do I need you. I ultimately was forced to do the entire race in the big ring. I finished 2nd overall to a very classy Chris Schotz with 3rd place over an hour and a half back of me. More details to be posted as you know, so many little stories that go into a 12 hour pain fest." Tim Ek

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