Saturday, September 22, 2007

Perfect Day.....almost

"Since the bicycle makes little demand on material or energy resources, contributes little to pollution, makes a positive contribution to health and causes little death or injury, it can be regarded as the most benevolent of machines."
Stuart S. Wilson, Oxford University [source: Adam from the Duluth Cycling Website]

The world would be a better place if there were more bicycles...ya can't say that about too many things now a dayz! CPF

It would have been the perfect day if I could have raced at Saint Cloud, but with my wife in graduate school and a huge test looming in her near future, I stayed home to hang with off-spring...and I did get a great 2 hour+ ride in. Also, I am competing in a 12 hour race next Saturday, so I'll get my "fix" in seven henceforth....It has the makings of a classic SUFFERFEST...featuring a host of enduro-freaks including EKI, LORD OF PAIN

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