Saturday, September 1, 2007

Mark your calendars...looks like the third weekend in April!

------Great News to REPORT------- Trans Iowa IV: The tentative dates are April 26-27...I have never had the opportunity BEFORE NOW. Yet, I did complete a similar event up in Canada a few months ago [The Red Ass 300-A Grand Loop complete with great companionship]...As stated above, I have always had big, NO HUGE, scheduling conflicts in Aprils of past, but now with so much time to plan and scheme coupled with a current, albeit blank 'family' 2008 calendar going into the fall of '07....I have aggressively taken the offensive and highlighted in bright red that weekend in April as "Bound for Iowa- Or Bust!" I love these kinds of races. Here's a thought: Do both the Trans-Iowa & The Red Ass 300 in the same season, now that would surely get a person on THE LIST!....Important Note: Trans-Iowa III transformed Tim Ek from a shy sickly-pale school boy to an assertive confident Man among evidenced by the fact that as I type and sip coffee, Eki is 'livin' the dream' racing a 12 hour event near Madison, WI...GOOD Luck EKIMOV

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  1. charlie u need to throw the disc roc power