Monday, September 24, 2007

They're racing for beer in Merrill, WI this upcoming Saturday!!!!

The last serious mountain bike race of the season for the author...itz a 12 hour endurofest--12 hours of fear & loathing!!!!!
With just five days out...know that I will be seriously hydrating and embracing the whole rest thing..........I'm an amateur bike racer, but a professional slacker, so the rest/recovery of my training schedule is where I really SHINE!!!!
Feeding the rat: 90 minutes w/ 6 thirty-second bursts...legs felt 'invincible.' :)

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  1. Charles, Chuck, Charlie, thanks, for the invite my man on this upcoming weekend. However I'll be passing through on to Mad-town & later the Fall Color Festival rides. Would have loved to see you hop a ride down with the SKJ's this past weekend. Iola's Tater Bake was cookin'!! I think you would have loved it on that Gunnar of yours!