Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Calm before the Storm

Taking the term 'rest and recovery' to a new level, I retired for the evening last night at 7:30 pm (of course I took pains to get myself very well hydrated before I emarked upon my repose)...I am starting to feel the bitter-sweet excitment that comes with the immediate dayz prior to these ultra-enduro cycling events...Here's some perspective--When you get up, fix your coffee, and read the Saturday funnies I'll be an hour into it; as you eat lunch I'll be four hours into it; when you jump on the couch for a little college football I'll be half way; when you start the grill and break open that first beer I'll be nine hours into it; and finally when you cozy up with the family to watch "Fat Camp" on primetime TV I will have tranformed into a shell of a once proud man...A man stripped of all semblance of it goes.......

1 comment:

  1. You got it all wrong. The time frame is skewed. I think that when I get up you be four hours into it. Then when I am having lunch (and beers) you be 8 hours into it and when I end up finally getting off my ass and out for a ride you will be home watching Fat man ride by your window...go is soes