Sunday, September 23, 2007

Catch 22...Wow!

Remember Catch 22? One of those books that you were suppose to have read in high school or college, but ya didn't have the time (or interest), so ya bought the Cliff notes...
I am just about finished with Heller's Masterpiece...Its the most ironical, funny, and disturbing novel I have read in a long time...the humorous style reminds me of A Confederacy of Dunces (Catch 22 is not as funny, especially given the context, but still I often catch myself laughing out loud). A Cautionary Note: Hang in there and don't become initially dismayed with this novel; the first hundred pages are convoluted and thus tough to understand, but after that it all starts to come together and itz well worth the effort!!!! One can only hope that these characters are wholly fictitious, yet I suspect they are based on real people!
The March to Folly goes merrily it goes!
PS I obtained Catch-22 on the strong recommendation of Nicolas Kullish, the author of Last One In.
Feeding the Rat: 3 hours with the youthful Fraboni...great ride
KUDOS to Greg Hexum and Kim Holak for Victory at Bangin' in the Brush!!!!!!!!!

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