Friday, September 21, 2007

Shoe-ins for THE LIST!!! Plus a very cool pic...Oh to be young again!!!!

According to my trusty, well-worn Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary:
phenom /fee-nom/ noun ; a person of phenomenal ability or promise. Note: the term phenomenal means "extraordinary, remarkable, unusual, rare, etc...."
Therefore base on the above: The Lalonde boyz' command of their bicycles represent a phenom of which the writer has never before imagined. Or
Team Phenom of which the Lalonde comprise is beyond comparison within the smallish world of the writer. or perhaps: Jesse Lalonde and his younger brother, Marko, are the incarnate of Da Vinci, the phenom of phenoms during the Renaissance Period.
Pic -Source: Jesse Lalonde's website

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  1. That was some show the single speeders put on. Glad I was there to see it.