Sunday, September 16, 2007

Chequamegon 40 was a great race...but I got 'schooled.'

Itz was a full-on classic, beautiful weather, tons of friends; highlights included riding in a group that comprised many of my buddies, plus Gary Fischer and Kent Erikson!!! The Talent Pool at this race was awe-inspiring!!! There were 20 to 25 guyz that had a reasonable shot and just making the top 50 required a supreme effort...And I had a blast, but it wasn't one of my best efforts, I felt great for the first hour and good at the half way point, but I quickly faded after about the 90 minute point... Toward the end, on the Birkie rollers, I felt like I had been "knocked-out" from a round-house kick from Chuck Norris... Yet, I'll live to fight another day. I love bike racing even when I get my butt kicked!!! Plus there is always next week and then there's always next season!!!!
Kudos to Jan Rybar and Scott Cole on outstanding efforts!!!! The Lalonde Boyz and Ezra T. are of a different world!!! Many Ski Hut was a grand event!!! Gary Crandall and all the volunteers do a great job!!!
A race recap to follow in a few dayz


  1. Charlie,
    Even a rough race can't deminish that smile off your face or the prose in your splendid writings. Be looking for the rest of the story later. A few of us had a rough one out there Sat. My story would sound alot like yours. But like you said....good thing there's always another weekend, always another race :)

  2. From what I can see, your just on schedule to kick butt in the AH. When will you come and visit us in GFK? Offer stands to come ride with us when it gets cold.

  3. Nice job Saturday, one and all. I hope I get drawn next year for the short and fat, since I'm kinda tall and fat. Posted some pic at my blog of some of the local guys.

  4. Chuck Norris once taught a class called "Ass Kicking 101". There were no survivors.