Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Gettin' 'er tuned up for the FAT TIRE RACES!!!!

The Chequamegon 40 is Saturday & the crits. are on Sunday, as I embrace this appealing notion of resting up and hydrating...I had the boyz at Ski Hut go over my trusty Gunnar 29er. Plus, I put on my lightweight cyclo-cross wheelset (XTR hubs and Mavic Open Pro rims) coupled with the ultra-light Crows...Itz a risk, no tread and unprotected side-walls, but I am going for it. Itz not like I got something to save it for as even on my best day, a top 40 finish is the best I can hope for, plus I like the idea that I am taking a calculated risk............ Up front, a good distance ahead of me and the rest of the frantic wanna-bes, look for a tough battle between Doug Swanson and the young Simonson from Michigan for top honors in the Men's Divison. With Sara Kylander-Johnson taking on Sue Hayward for the top spot for the Women's event. Although, this year's race has the potential for being one of the most competitive ever...there are at least ten guyz that could win this thing including, Jeff Hall, Tristan S., Young Gaier from Hayward, Jesse Lalonde, one of the Moore Brothers, Mike Phillips, E.J., Brian Matter, and my favorite old Tilford, etc. The Chequamegon 40 is a great race in that it requires tactical planning, pacing, and both road and mtb skills. Risking taking in terms of gear selection can pay off...going light is advantegous, but it putz one in great danger for flats. I have flatted several times back in the day, but last year I went really light and I had a good race. The big wheels and the rigid frame/fork complement the super fast rolling course which is comprised of mainly wide ski trials, fire roads, and gravel roads. Last year that took out the only real treacheous descent due to erosion problems. If they keep the course the same as last year's I should be good to go.......Itz hard to describe the feeling of riding in a pack of 1700 racers as one heads across Rosie's Field!!!!


  1. I was thinking of maybe riding my cross bike, but I think I'm gonna stick to the mt bike. Any thoughts old wise one :) Should be a fun race either way. Hope to see ya there!

  2. Charlie,

    Just be CAREFUL in Rosie's field! Keep your head up.

  3. Charlie, After all the training and doing 300 mile and 24 hr races you have the base of supreme fitness necessary to propel you to super human results on "Big Cheq" Saturday -- burn it up out there and show the world your fireworks! (At the very least.......high powered sparklers. :) Keep smiling!!) See you on the GO line come Saturday!!! Best luck to you!!