Thursday, June 5, 2008

Red Ass 300

Good Luck to all the racers at the RED ASS 300...Itz a great race and I am so jealous, but my end-of-the-school year commitments, coupled with my wife's schooling requirements has forced me to stay home; may be next year....Last year was a blast, one of the highlights of the 2007 season!!!
Update [6/06]: A quick check of the weather forecast indicates that it will rain all day up there near Winnipeg, which will make the 300 mile course a challenging endeavor for even the most ardent cycling aficionado. The good news is that the rain is suppose to abate by the start on Saturday morning. Yet, the prospects of a wet 300 miles of gravel and dirt could very well lend itself to the STUFF by which LEGENDS ARE MADE...Good luck to Dave Simons and the other Nordacoedians...and special kudos to Lindsey Gauld...Blair is the clear favorite, but I want the OLD Stalwart Lindsey to win!!!! Blair rode away from the rest of us last year, but Lindsey was suffering from a bad shoulder...In any event, I wish I was gonna be there...itz a great event and I highly recommend it.

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