Monday, June 2, 2008

Unorthodox training, but very effective?

Not to brag or anything, but I did one of the "sickest" DBD workouts ever on Friday/Saturday: Check this out: After downing a whole pot of life-giving coffee from Sumatra, I Rode to Esko early Friday morning around 5:45 am arriving to work around 7:15 am, lifted weights for 30 minutes @ noon during my lunch break, rode for home leaving around 3:20 pm, got home around 4:30pm....Ate big dinner and drank two recuperative beverages, rode back to Esko for Graduation leaving my house at 5:30 PM and arriving at the school at ~6:40 pm, leaving at 8:30 pm rode home from Esko after a wonderful Graduation ceremony, got back home at 9:45pm in the dark...with frenzied zeal gobbled down cold pizza and downed two recuperative elixirs; stayed up and watched Bill Moyer's Journal on the continuing political & military debacle in Iraq on Channel 8, The local news on Channel 10 about the continuing political debacle in both St. Paul and Duluth, and then Nightline on the continuing political debacle in Washington DC on Channel 10...At Midnight after slamming three big cups of life-giving coffee from Sumatra, jumped back on my trusty Kelly and rode back to Esko taking the longer route via the Munger Trail arriving around 1:45 am and then partook in the ALL Night Grad Party in the role of supervisor for this year's class of TOP NOTCH Young, but savvy Graduates and to eat tons of nasty, but deliciously processed/chemically enhanced snacks, so Saturday from 1:45 am to 5:30 am...At 5:45 am as the sun rose over the horizon, rode my trusty Kelly home via Jay Cook State Park; got back home around 7:45 am...Ate a big breakfast complete with sausages and fried eggs and four cups of life-giving coffee from Sumatra and then mowed the lawn from 9:00 am to 10:17 am...Total time on the bike just under eight hours and 107 miles....Total time including weight-lifting and mowing 10.5 hours all in about 29+ sleep...Livin' the Dream....SWEET!!! Good training for the Iditabike as "every thing I do is in anticipation of the Iditabike..."


  1. Manic!! I got tired just reading this, I'm going back home and to bed.

  2. I've got two pounds of coffee beans with your name on them. Do you want it?


  3. I wish I had somebody like you around here. I mostly ride at night and sometimes into the morning. I can't even get my pals to do a sunday morning ride together anymore. "They are too busy"
    I hope to be at the lineup with you again at trans iowa.
    Keep riding,
    from Sycamore, IL.