Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Although behind on crafting a few recent race recaps (24@9 Mile, 12@LaCrosse, and the Border Battle Race), my most pressing post pertains to fine fare

The Ideal Market (aka The River's Eatery), located in Cable, Wisconsin is a top notch destination for high quality fermented barley, malt, & hops products (many local brews and even the standard setting Guinness) coupled with outstanding creative pizzas fired in a kind of modern open fired stone oven...Comprising the two essential food groups (beer & pizza), wonderful hosts, rustic inviting ambiance and much more, the IDEAL Market makes me proud to be an Earthling w/ a powerful thirst, hunger, and appreciation for great food and drink :).... The young charismatic owners have built an uniquely impressive and sustainable structure into this small, albeit progressive business (which also includes a well stocked grocery store- The Ideal Market, including local and organic products...like Peace Coffee and various local bakery treats). If you are in the area, do the right thing, do the patriotic thing and treat yourself to a wonderful dining experiment at this wonderful place within the cozy pines of NW Wisconsin. Cable is located in the heart of a myriad of fantastic mountain bike trails (CAMBA), amazing ski trails, and several classic athletic challenges including the Birkie, the Chequamegon, the Seeley Classic, the PreFat and the Cable Classic. Sooooooo Go get a good workout in, burn some cals and then go to the The Rivers Eatery/IDEAL MARKET and knock down some healthy beers and eat a top notch full-on professionally made organic pizza.... Live it up NOW, cuz the Axis of Evil dudes are not far away and so ya might as well enjoy the basics of life before they come and get us (sooner rather than later if we don't implement that New and Improved and super cool, but slightly expensive MISSILE-shield DEFENSE SYSTEM.....Tell'em @ The River's Eatry "...that Charlie, Crystal, and Sophie sent ya..."

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