Monday, August 18, 2008

WEMS @ LaCrosse does NOT disappoint!!!

The 12 hours @ La Crosse was a full-on top notch affair!!!! Extremely challenging course, great folks running the deal (free beer and pizza after the race!!!!), and overall just another case-in-point that the WEMS is the best thing that has happened to mountain bike racing since "shammy" lube!!!! Kudos to Tim Ek of TEAM DBD (3nd place overall) and Terry Brannick (6th overall)...The aging author competed with the youngsters; leaving the beautiful Mississippi River Bluff country with dignity intact but also with a seriously sore backside from an angry, yet unprovoked hornet attack in the second half of the race, coupled with a chronically super sore heel that took another beatin' and forced me to sit out an early lap so as to ice it and numb it enough to continue!!!!

More to come including race recaps for the 24 @ 9 Mile and the WEMS @ La Crosse

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