Saturday, December 20, 2008

The loneliness of the winter cyclist....

The forlorn road is my only true friend and it is indifferent to my suffering…
Itz been just me and the wolves out on the trails lately. Apparently itz too cold and snowy for the sno-MiGs (or maybe they are still enraptured with the high rent dullards/felons that play in the NFL). And itz too much work for the skiers cuz da groomer has not been through yet…In any event, I am lovin’ the Pugsley…But with all the fresh snow, I be runnin’ something like 4 psi in the endomorphs…the last few dayz I have been relegated to the 26 tooth granny in the front and just the two or three big ones in the back…and so itz slow going…but I am fired up…Watch out Dave Pramann!!! Today on about hour three, I noticed a steady stream of salty water leaking from each eye…I was alone on THE ROAD while my trusty training partner was, of all things, snowboarding on the tamed hills of Spirit Mountain. I truly am ALONE…..If I should go missing, rest with comfort in the knowledge that I was a luxurious dinner to a pack of FREE wolves!

ps In an effort at peace-making, I invited several "runners" to contribute to the highly successful, "One of my worst dayz out there," but todate none have stepped up; perhaps "runners" what with "runners-high" and all, never experience bad dayz?


  1. A Pugsley? The Endomorph tires must make it feel like a 29'er...

  2. I think I should move up to Duluth.

  3. I'm so envious of you. I'd be out there on my Pugsley if it weren't for this darn broken arm!!