Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The third installment of "One of my worst dayz out there!"

Open up a warm Guinness, light up a Cuban, because for your reading pleasure, we now present the third installment of "One of my worst dayz out there." This epic is provided to you by Tim Ek. Tim Ek, a long time competitive mountain bike racer, who in the last four or so years has gravitated towards the underbelly of cycling; participating in many 12 hour mountain bike events (finishing I believe in 2 nd place in the overall WEM Series last season) as well as finishing ninth (on a 26 inch mt.bike) in the 2007 Trans-Iowa. As he develops into a full-on Enduro-racer extraordinaire he has been kind enough to include the author on many of his arduous training rides. If there is a blemish on this fine man's record it would involve his murky relationship with Mallory and his rouge DBD group. Ek has repeatedly refused to comment on his affiliation (or lack thereof) with the DBD. Below are the unabridged words of EK describing a degree of lofty clairvoyance that can only be obtained through attempting to race two hardcore 12 mountain bike on back to back weekends. (Editors note: The course EK is racing on is the WEMS Thunderdown @ the Underdown or Underground?):

My good friend and confidant, here are a few of my favorites. I truly hope these will suffice as I feel they are just about as far from 'techy' as one could get: I knew stacking two12 hour epics together back to back in two weekends would test my willingness to live, but I had no idea how bad I would want to die. I pushed, plugged and fought through the course feeling the last weekend's effort creeping into my legs in that sort of DEEP fatigue one feels after say a dehydrated double summit of Everest attempt. Loneliness came to me in many forms and visions. I found myself in dialog with her (loneliness) and even singing to her at times. As the hours wore on I longed for some sense of the time. Without a time piece (no watch or heart rate monitor mounted on this rig) I actually began to look to the sun for answers. I started to make friends with the squirrels and even got excited by the occasional honking of geese overhead, calling out to them, "Hi friends". In one particular instance a chipmunk darted out in front of my wheel and I heard my own voice cry out, "careful little buddy". What was happening to me? Those in the know would refer to it as "SLIPPING ON THROUGH TO THE OTHER SIDE".
It just wasn't happening with the hard tail, in fact I was planning out what I would say to the doctors in the Wausau hospital. Something like this..."Well, Doc, I don't know how to say this so I'm just going to say it, will you please remove my #$%^?"

Great stuff...surrealism brought on by exhaustion!!! How cool is that???


  1. Apparently you and Ek drink from the same unfiltered Duluth City Water Supply.

  2. Bells Expedition Stout. Drink warm with a good piece of dry meat.
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