Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gone are the shackles of gears...

I have made the order with the Good People at THE SKI HUT...A Surly Tensioner, a full-on Wipperman SS chain, a couple Surly Cogs (17 & 19 to compliment a 34 chainring), and a Surly SS spacer kit...If all goes according to plan I will become a new man, a force to be reckoned with, and this time next year I will have had my Gunnar converted to include horizontal drops while enjoying Rock Star status. Also I can use the above quality MN Surly designed components to transform my old but beautiful 1988 Merlin for this fall when the snow flies....I am so pumped, I feel like a little school girl on her first junior high date...I am from the tyrannical oppressive grip of gears...I am reborn....I am now a MAN with his own life to live unencumbered by cassettes, shifting, shifters, and all the trappings that these unnatural gizmos entail...


  1. Another idea would be to build up a wheel with a White Industries eccentric hub. This would eliminate the need for a chain tensioner since you would ajust the tension of the chain right from the axle of the hub.

  2. damn guys are fast no matter if they're on gears or single. i'm afraid you just set me back another place in the ss class. look forward to hearing how it goes for you.

  3. hey charlie...drop me an email at somepoint when you get a chance. i'd love to talk t oyou about your plans for this thing in october. i think i could make it work, just need a little more specifics.



  4. Bout time you saw the light. New toys are new toys.

  5. THIS IS THE DARKSIDE (and not necessarily "not too bright") I think you'll be crushing harder, if thats even possible.