Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Watch out Bushey, Marko, Mike, Jesse, Ronsta, Shockey, et al

I have committed to casting away the oppressive chains and bonds of geared MTB racing!!! Henceforth I shall rely upon but one gear and my amazing athleticism...I now join the progessively retro Single Speed Movement...Look for me on the single track; I'll be the one with my whole body covered in skulls & bones tattoos sans gears, shifters, and the brand NEW SRAM carbon components...


  1. I'll be joining you next spring in the SS class during the "Gravel Season"


  2. It's about friggin' time!!!!!


  3. Just to make it sporting for you, and competitive for us, I recommend a 1:1 gearing.

  4. When I asked the wise Jedi, Yoda, about riding a single speed MTB, he said " too old you are " and " suffer your knees will ".
    You may want to consult him on SS matter.

  5. Regarding the knees...I have loss the feeling in all of my extermities years ago...

  6. SRam is coming out with 10 speed cassettes on the mtb grouppos. At over 200 lbs I think I can crack on of them chains just by looking at it.
    Singlespeed makes more and more sense. I ordered my Gunnar Ruffian 29er with horizontals and v-brakes. It rides great!