Thursday, March 11, 2010

Greg Hexum, my boss and a top-notch enduro-freak!!!

Kudos to Mr. Greg Hexum, principal of Esko High School for finishing in fourth place @ the National Snowshoe Championships!!!! [Note: He has won it twice in the past, plus he is one of the best trail runners in the country and a great leader at our school!!!]. Greg reports that the course, located in upstate New York, was very hilly and punctuated by a sick half mile climb leading into the finish. The guyz that beat him are all young fellas that basically train for a living, while Hex works at one of the toughest jobs in the world and yet still is an endurance force to be reckoned with... I believe that once he starts to experience the inevitable mental decline that comes with age, he will make a great DBD cyclist!!!


  1. He seems like a good candidate. That race must have been exhausting. I hope he refreshed with some good whiskey.

  2. Is that a podium girl he is with?

  3. The lady in red in the photo was the Race Director at the USSSA Qualifier in Rib Lake, WI., Jan 2, 2010 (yes, a snowshoe race the day after New Years. Crazy lot, these snowshoers). It was a terrific photo opportunity I couldn't pass up.

    Greg won, easily, and scorched the course to a new record that will stand the test of time . . . or until he races it again.

    As a multi-time USSSA National Champion, Greg exudes the qualities of a Champion in life: Family, friends, making a difference, physicially fit beyond fit, and an all-around great and happy person.

    The sport is lucky to have him.
    A full article on the National
    Championship race (note: Greg once again earned membership on the prestigous Men's National Snowshoe Team) will be published in Snowshoe Magazine's online site shortly.

    Phillip Gary Smith
    Senior Editor
    Snowshoe Magazine

  4. Snow shoes-another dementia inducing exercise. I was out this last week just to see where my pain threshold was at. I found it in no time. Fat man on snow shoes = pain.