Saturday, September 11, 2010

To begin a new....

What started out as a hopeful spring, feeling great and racing well in the Spring and early Summer Gravel Classics...the fact of the matter is that really since the end of the Trans-Wisconsin (TW) in June, I have been languishing in self loathing...and thus not surprisingly my racing has been pathetic, my training erratic and uninspired, and my overall commitment to living a wholesome and healthy lifestyle has waned significantly...I suppose I could blame my lack of motivation on the dent the TW put into my motor for it really did involve an effort that was beyond anything I have ever done before on a bicycle...the profound exhaustion I felt post TW rivals that of how I felt as a young man post McKinley and Logan Expeditions...Yet all that is simple excuse making and itz not worth nothin' and it don't mean nothin'! BUT on this coming MONDAY all is going to change!!! Monday, September 13th marks my start date at beginning to build a NEW & Improved Self!!! I am going to get back to the basics: Long and hard rides at least twice a week, calculated and varied training six dayz a week, eating right with definitive limits on beer consumption (with the goal being to lose 15 lbs by December 1st and hit 160 lbs by the Arrowhead), talking to off-spring, and a bunch of other positive reformations...After all I still have a few good years left in this old body...and in the short term I have a lot to look forward to including: October's Heck of the North, the Tuscobia 150 miler in December, maybe Lance's Iowa race in early January, and the magical Arrowhead 135 in late January...Farther out, I am planning to recapture HONOR lost at the Classic Trans-Iowa and to perhaps contend for a top finish in the rumored inaugural Trans-Minnesota, and a repeat effort in the Trans-Wisconsin....And in the not-so-distant future, I am completely committed to completing both the Great Divide and the Alaskan look for a changed man...come Monday :) ....I'm pumped....Monday is the day....


  1. Bravo!!! I will see you in Tuscobia (the night before and that morning, you will be long gone once the gun goes off!!).

  2. I was right there with you on the goals, until,
    that one part, "limits on the beer consumption"

    back to my old ways.

  3. Good on you Charlie. We all need some motivation. The summer has killed me and I cannot wait for some crappy weather. J-no I hope to meet up with you at T.I again. It was an honor. Monday seems like a good idea.
    No beer, just Whiskey. Following Jason B's advice.

  4. Woo Hooo Sounds like a plan to me.

  5. Trans-Minnesota?!! Ay Carumba!
    The dual sporto's put together a map

  6. Just a heads up on the TM bit...I spoke with a guy from the Dual Sport crew that mapped the Trans-MN route and he explained to me that the "rougher" sections of that route are NOT open to bicycles.

    That said, I'll be shifting back to Plan-A and mapping the original course for this 2011 killer.

  7. Charlie
    Trans Divide 2012

    Jim R.