Thursday, September 9, 2010

When HONOR is lost...

Sheepishly, on Sunday past, in the cover of a metaphorical fog, an embarrassed, physically and mentally defeated DBD duo made a hasty northern departure to put as many miles betwixt them and Seven Oaks for once again Iowa had proved to be more than enough challenge for these wayward and misguided cyclists. In other words, they got their butts kicked!!! More to follow...and it will not be pretty...


  1. The course was a killer this year breaking spirits and bikes with no compassion shown to either.

  2. Your badge and your gun, please.

  3. Iowa has taken part of my brain and soul and fertilized its fields. I deeply respect the environment that it has. I know I cannot conquer it so the next spring I will just try to glide along its contour.

  4. Tell me about. Super tough this year. Good to see ya out there tearing up the single track.