Friday, February 18, 2011

My life is sooooooooo important to the State of the Union

So much on my plate…here’s what I need to do in the next few weeks:
• Craft and publish the long over-due and highly anticipated Top 10 LIST OF IMPRESSIVE CYCLING ACHIEVEMENTS OF 2010. __Clean Pugsley.
• __Initiate a non-violent “people’s revolution” using only the Morse-code via telegraph, preferably in a Scandinavian country. __Try and rescue Julian Assange... __Also get Ross @ Ski Hut to fix me Gunnar. ___Order a suspension fork as I am too old to go rigid for another 24 hour race.
• __Craft and publish the long over-due and highly anticipated Top 10 LIST OF Novel and Innovative advances in the field of cycling for 2010 (Man-Diaper is odds on favorite for Number One position). __Buy up the rest of the Bell's Hopslam Ale with daughter's lunch money. __ Write up a recap of recent most excellent trip to BWCA w/the family Evavold.

• __Have my people “touch base,” “do lunch,” and "crunch the numbers" with big-time industry playaz including Specialized, Oakley, and Trek execs.
• __Submit candid reviews on several books that I have recently read including two top notch books about the history of cycling, a new hero-worship work about Lance, and a couple classics including Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath (which is simply amazing).
• __Get my Lake winter-cycling boots back from Kershaw or see Wm Gates to draw up plans for war
• __Have new puppy neutered and counseled __Check on getting Berlusconi neutered.
• __Formalized race schedule for spring/summer 2011 w/boss (aka lovely wife); so far…priority races include:
o Ragnorak 105 (entry fee: free)
o Trans-Iowa (entry fee: free)
o Cheq 100 (entry fee: free)
o Almanzo 162 (entry fee: free)
o Dirty Benjamin (entry fee: free)
o Levis 100 (entry fee: reasonable)
o 24hrs@9Mile (entry fee: resaonable)

o Heck of the North (entry fee: free)
These entry fees are a sure sign that the country is falling to the Communists!!!

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